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Do you have a disease condition?

Would you like a simple formula of activities, nutrients, supplements, etc. to turn that condition around? is your go-to resource.

The formula for correcting all disease conditions begins with the same basics.

Adequate hydration (water, not fluids)
Mineral supplementation
Baseline nutrients

And then there are other supplements. Herbs, oils, tinctures, topicals, a variety of helpful substances.

What works? What doesn't?

Each condition page(s) on this site features the full formula for that condition, including dosages, recommended by multiple medical experts. Sources are listed on References page(s).

If the condition(s) that interests you is not yet featured, don't panic. Send me a private message through Facebook ( grace.e.cross ) and let me know.

I will add the topic to my list of pages to create and will keep you apprised of my progress.

In the meantime, check out my page on Baseline nutrients, and the multiple pages on Deficiencies (too little) and Toxicities (too much).

Also check my desktop companion site, , for full articles, and my companion mobile site, , for more detailed diet information.


Nutrients - Baseline Nutritional Program

Nutrients - Deficiencies & Toxicities

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